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Fred A. Dubose
World War II
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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

December 23, 1988

Dear Will:

Just a note to confirm your comments about Joe Gorski.

Joe was one of the original crew members of Lt. Westcott's crew when Jerry took over as pilot in Blythe, California about December 1943. I came onto the crew as a replacement Radio Operator at about that time, also.

Joe served as the regular tail gunner on all missions that we flew prior to the fatal one. He should have about 25 missions to his credit while flying with our crew, plus any that he accrued afterward. I cannot say what happened after 29 June 1944 as I have not been in touch with him. I'll rectify that today.

The reason for his being absent for the final mission, he had been invited to see or participate in a performance by Beebe Daniels and Ben Lyons and had elected to take the holiday.

It was good hearing from you.


Fred Dubose


Joseph A. Gorski was born in Toledo, OH. 17-Mar-1918. He graduated from General Pershing High School in Detroit Michigan. He was working for the Michigan Liquor Commission, when Uncle Sam called and he was inducted in 1941. He attended Cadet Training in the AAF hoping to complete the course and be a pilot, but that was not to be. He married Rea in 1942. He continued his training at Armorer School, Lowry Field, then to Gunnery School and transferred to Davis Monthan Field, Tucson
AZ. in Sept. 1943, & was assigned to the 402nd Bomb Sq. of the 39th Bomb Gp. and to Lt. Warren Whittmore's B-24 Bomber Crew. After beginning crew training, flying on gunnery and bombing missions as tail gunner, he and the crew were then transferred to Blythe Army Air Base CA. Oct. 15, 1943, to the 34th Combat Crew Training School. It was at Blythe that his crew received a new pilot by the name of Gerald S. Westcott and a new Radio Operator by the name of Fred A. DuBose. Westcott replaced Whittmore and DuBose replaced, Floyd Streeper. About Christmas time 1943 the Provisional Group # 25 was transferred, this time to Will Rogers Field, Okla. Leaving Blythe on the 24th of Dec.1943, by troupe train and assigned to the Ilth Combat Mapping Sq. of the 9fh Photographic Gp. arriving on a cold snowy Oklahoma day. The month quickly passed and then another transfer to Forbes Field, Topeka, Ks. about the first of Feb. 1944. Since the crews had not had any furlough time, the 25th Prov. Group officers
pleaded with the CO for a 10 day furlough, which was granted. After returning to Topeka it was not long before anew B-24 was placed in our possession, and the name Lynda was painted on the nose. The last of February, 1944 the crew left for overseas, stopping at North Palm Beach to refuel and spend the night then headed for overseas via the southern route, of So. America, Africa, & England. More training in North Ireland and around the 15th of April arrived at Shipdam Air Drome in the 506th SQ. of the 44th Bomb GP. as replacement Crew.

Began flying missions on the 22nd of April to Hamm Germany and last mission was 7th of Aug. 1944 to Saleaux France, to eliminate a fuel storage dump, completing his tour with 31 missions. Fortunately, he was not with the Westcott crew the day they were shot down on 29th of June. Upon returning home
and receiving his honorable discharge from the AAF ., he & Rea & family made their home in Denver, CO, where he worked for Anhauser Busch Co. and after retirement they lived in Denver for some years then decided to move to warmer climes and they now live in AZ. Joe & Rea celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in 2002.
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