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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

2825 North Maple Avenue
Zanesville, Ohio 43701

1 January 1988

Thank you very much for your letter and enclosure regarding Frank Jope.

All of the enlisted crewmembers' names are familiar to me but I have no current addresses.

Regarding Frederick W. DeJean, he was our crew chief engineer, but I have no current address unfortunately. Sam Morton, I do not recall, but he may have been Grell's crew chief.

Donald Dines, copilot originally for Gerald Grell, I have not seen but heard he is an attorney in Paris, France.

Grell's navigator, Howard Moore, lives in Cambridge, Ohio, and I last saw him in the 1970s. I don'' have a current address but he is very active in the Scottish Rite Masonry and you could write him at: Howard Moore, 32 Degrees, % Scottish Rite Temple, Cambridge, Ohio 43725.

Moore retired as a major from the Air Force in the early 1970s, I believe.

I really appreciate all of your help and information.



World War II
Memories and Biography

(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

November 25, 1994

Glad to hear that the Eastbourne Bolin Project is back on line. Thanks for your further information on Bolin's last flight. I was able only to get very sketchy information about it at the time.

I vaguely recall the mission to Norway. We were recalled because of bad weather. I had forgotten that Bolin was the pilot on November 16. The reason I was on board as a supernumeral was to familiarize me with the missions since I was a new arrival to the group. I don't remember much about the flight except we were on instruments over the North Sea most of the time and finally returned.

Thanks also for the extract of the movement orders and formation sketch.

You will recall we discussed an accident which occurred when Lt. Grell's plane lost power and crashed near Shipdham. As I recall you were unable to find any maintenance record of the incident. [21 December 1943, Butler/Grell. All four engines quit, etc.]

I have several suggestions. No. 1 both Grell and Howard Moore, the navigator, received broken arms as I recall. The local medical records for the Shipdham infirmary might have a record of the details. No. 2 any time a serious accident occurs, you will recall that an investigative board is normally convened. That record might be available in old special orders and the history of the group. My last suggestion is that I contact Howard Moore's widow who lives about 30 miles from me in Ohio. I will attempt to find out what she might know. I will do so in the spring [R. D. Butler, pilot gave details].

I wish I was working, but have to make the best of retirement.

Let me know if there is any new information.

Best personal regards,


P.S. I fractured my right hand and am forced to hunt and peck with my left one. This is why my typing is so messy.
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