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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

2210 Campbell Drive
P. O. Box 152
Forrest City, Arkansas 72335

August 19, 1980

Dear Will:

I am sorry to be so long in answering your letter, but I just got back from vacation.

Yes, I was in the 67th squadron. Joined it at Barksdale Field after graduating from A.M. School at Keesler Field. M/Sgt. Marion Bagley was my crew chief. After we flew home, I was at Sioux Falls, SD for a short time and then to Pyote, Texas where I stayed until my discharge in September 1945.

I married a Forrest City girl in 1948. We have four sons (ages 30 to 21 years old). For a number of years I was a partner in an auto dealership here. Then I farmed for a number of years. For the last six years I have been Circuit Clerk and have been re-elected for another term starting in 1981.

Your letter brought back a lot of memories. I remember some names but can't put faces with them. Grisham is the only one I've had any contact with since the war. We would run into each other at high school ball games, etc., but I have not seen or heard anything of him for years. Someone had told me that he moved away from Brinkley and I had no idea he was still there.

Please send me the names and addresses you have. Also I would like the name and address of the 2nd Air Division Association.

You have my home address correct.

Thanks for writing,

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