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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

29 March 1990

591 Grace St.
Sebastian, FL 32958

Dear Will:

Referring to Francis Peck's letter in the April 1989 issue and Bert Carlberg's letter in the December 1989 issue with regard to Lt. Crandell's crew and Fearless Fosdick, I, too, have an interesting experience to relate.

I flew 32 missions with Lt. Condray as copilot, most of which were in Fearless Fosdick. Francis Peck was our radio operator. I had missed three missions due to a short stay in the hospital. While Lt. Crandell was recuperating from bailing out of Fearless Fosdick on the 1 March 1945 mission, I was given the opportunity to check out as first pilot with his crew and complete my last three missions. Between 12 March 1945 and 20 March 1945, we flew a number of practice flights and completed three combat missions on the 17th, 18th, and 20th. The one on 18 March was over Berlin and was pretty scary. I remember the crew as competent and friendly and I am still flattered with their trust in flying with me as first pilot for just three missions.

To complete the story, I originally volunteered to fly with Lt. Crandell and his crew as an observer on that low level supply dropping mission over the Rhine River on 24 March 1945 because I thought it would be an exciting adventure. Some inner voice must have said "no," or I, too, would have been listed as a casualty in that fatal crash.

George W. Folland
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