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Lt. Charles E. Phillips' Crew

8th Air Force Combat Mission on B-24 Liberator Bomber

August 5, 1944 -- M475 -- Mission 1
Brunswick, Germany. We bombed ME109 factory; nine incendiary clusters, nine demolition 100-lbs. each. Bombing excellent, plenty of flak.

August 6, 1944 -- P977 -- Mission 2
Hamburg, Germany. We hit an oil refinery. 12 500-lb. bombs. Aborted this side of Hamburg, with two engines out. We dropped our bombs on a Nazi air field. We shot at two ME109s, went into clouds so they couldn't find us. Also flak.

August 7, 1944 -- Mission 3
Ameins, France (Saleaux) We bombed oil storage tanks. 24 250-lbs. bombs. Plenty of flak and accurate too. Bombing was good.

August 8, 1944 R875 -- Mission 4
LaPerth Air Field, Chaumont, France. We hit the airfield this time 52 100-lb. bombs. GPs demolitions bombing good and plenty of flak.

August 12, 1944 M475 -- Mission 5
Chateau Thierry, France (Juvincourt). Another airfield we had to knock out. 52 100-lb. bombs GP's demolitions. We hit the target perfectly. Flak also.

August 14, 1944 -- L846 -- Mission 6
We still are bombing the Luftwaft, an airfield in southern France. We flew over Lake Geneva and the Alps. 8 500-lb. bombs. Excellent bombing and flak.

August 16, 1944 -- Q967 -- Mission 7
Kothen, Germany. Aircraft engine and parts factory 10 500-lb. bombs. Demolitions. Flak all over hell.

August 24, 1944 -- H031 -- Mission 8
Hanover, Germany (Langenhagen). Airfield and hangar area 6 500-lb. demolitions. Plenty of accurate flak. Hell crashed landed at base, on auto pilot controls and hydraulics shot out.

August 26, 1944 -- B381 -- Mission 9
Salzbergen, Germany. Oil refinery. 12 250-lb. demolitions. Lots of flak, but accurate bombing.

August 31, 1944 -- Practice mission. Flew as engineer again.

September 1, 1944
Was presented with Air Medal by Major Cameron, now a Colonel.

September 6, 1944
My birthday. Practiced landings with my copilot. Also takeoffs. He made nine landings and takeoffs. I flew as engineer and got two hours of stick time in.

September 8, 1944 -- H031 -- -- Mission 10
Karlsruhe, Germany. Marshalling yards. 6 1,000-lb. bombs. Heavy and accurate flak.

September 9, 1944 -- H031 -- Mission 11
Marshalling yards and an ordinance depot made two runs on target. Heavy and accurate flak. Good bombing. Our No. 4 engine hit. 12 500-lb. bombs.

September 12, 1944 -- B381 -- Mission 12
Hanover, Germany (Leharte, Creil). Oil refinery. 24 250-lb. bombs. Excellent bombing. Moderate and accurate flak. Another cluster to Air Medal.

September 13, 1944 -- H031 -- Mission 13
Hall, Germany. Airport and hangar area, completely wiped out. Soupy as hell over Germany. Moderate but accurate flak. We got four holes in our ship 12 500-lb. GP's excellent bombing.

September 27, 1944 - D -- Mission 14
Kassel, Germany. Railway center and manufacturing center of flak guns, flak was heavy over target. We never got a hit. Two seen about 11 enemy planes shot down and a good many of ours. 35 degrees below zero. 6 1,000-lb. bombs. Took off in soupy weather.

September 28, 1944 -- D -- Mission 15
Kassel, Germany. Railway and flak gun center and panzer tank manufacturing company. PFF. Flak was very heavy after we left the target. 6 1,000-lb. bombs 32 degrees below zero.

September 30, 1944 -- V309 -- Mission 16
Hamm, Germany. Marshalling yards. Plenty of accurate flak. 12 500-lb. bombs. 27 below zero.

October 3, 1944 -- Q967 -- Mission 17
Stugenburg, Germany (Offenburg). Railway and marshalling yards. No flak over target. We saw a dozen scarecrows. Bombed visually. 6 1,000-lb. bombs. 32 below zero. 7 hours on oxygen.

October 7, 1944 -- V309 -- Mission 18
Kassel, Germany. Tank and truck works. Heavy flak over target. One hole. Bombed visually. Dam near got hit by 392. 27 below zero. 6 1,000-lb. bombs.

October 9, 1944 -- V
Koblenz, Germany. We were after a marshalling yard. Bombed at 10/10. Not much flak. We aborted No. 3 burned up and all of No. 2 out. Superchargers out. 6 1,000-lb. bombs in Channel.

October 29, 1944 -- Formation Bombing.

October 17, 1944 -- S -- Mission 19
Coblenz, Germany (Cologne). Marshalling yards right over city. Flak was thicker than hell over target for 15 min. We got holes. 6 x M17s oil; 6 x 500-GPs.

October 30, 1944 -- S -- Mission 20
Hamburg, Germany. Oil refineries. Flak and the worst soup I ever saw. We lost two planes. 24 250-GPs. 42 below zero.

November 2, 1944 -- P997 -- Mission 21
Dortmund Ems. Oil refinery near Hamm, Germany. 24 x 250-GPs. Flak and three ME263 jet jobs. Good bombing.

November 5, 1944 -- M475 -- Mission 22
Karlsruhe, Germany. Marshalling yards. Heavy and accurate flak. Bad weather when we landed. 4 x 2,000 lb. bombs.

November 6, 1944 -- P741 -- Mission 23
Sterkarte, Germany. Oil refinery. Flak was thick and accurate. We got one big hole in No. 2 gas tank. We got flak all over Holland at 18,000 ft. 4 x 2000-lb. bombs.

November 9, 1944 -- P741 -- Mission 24
Metz, France. Gun replacements on front lines in France on flak. 4 2,000-lb. bombs.

November 16, 1944 -- P741 -- Mission 25
Achean, Germany (Escaneile). We supported the ground troops. We hit front lines. First Army made big gains after we hit it. Light flak. 32 260-lb. RD x frags. We hit the target. We stayed at a RAF base for three days. 15 miles south of London. We slept on cement floors and ate beans and bacon.

November 21, 1944 -- M552 -- Mission 26
Harburg, Hamburg area. Oil refineries. Bombed PFF. We flew deputy lead. Flak was black over target. We got two direct hits. One blew the nose just about off. Navigator got killed (Burke). He was from Lt. Homer's crew. Flew with Lt. Condray's crew. Our armorer gunner got hit in leg and went to the hospital. 24 250-lb. bombs. Hydraulics shot out and trim tabs. They transferred out. Could not clean it properly of body parts.

November 30, 1944 -- N795 -- Mission 27
Neukirchen, Germany. Over the Alps near Saarbrucken, a marshalling yard. Bombs overhead from 93rd Bomb Groups. One blew up and another caught fire. Two seen one parachute out. 44 100-GPs. " x 500 M17s. Moderate flak.

December 5, 1944 -- N795 -- Mission 28
Munster, Germany. Marshalling yards. Thick flak. One big hunk near tail of plane. 12 500-lb. bombs.

December 24, 1944 -- L846 -- Mission 29
Front lines (power--road junction). Moderate, but accurate flak. No hits. 61 ships flew from our group. The most since group started about 6,000 heavies flew. 17s got hit by fighters. 24 250-lb. GP.

December 27, 1944 -- L846 -- Mission 30
Hamburg, Germany. Railroad choke point. K 7th army support. Bombs hunt up. Moderate and accurate flak. 44 100-lb. bombs. 2 500-lb. bombs.

December 29, 1944 -- I93 -- Mission 31
Front lines. Stadtkyll. Choke point for Patton's 3rd Army. Two hits. Accurate flak. 24 250-lb. GP bombs.

December 30, 1944 j-- P741 -- Mission 32
Front lines (Altenahr). Railroad choke point. Patton's 3rd Army. No flak. 6 1,000 GP bombs.

January 2, 1945 -- P741 -- Mission 33
Coblenz, Germany. Three bridges. No flak. 3 2,000 GP bombs.

January 3, 1945 -- P741 -- Mission 34
Landou, Germany. Ammunition dump. Supported the l7th Army. 24 250-GP bombs. No flak.

No. 35 -- To the good, old USA!
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