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18 March 1945

(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

50 Red Gate Lane
Cohasset, MA 02025

April 18, 1984

Dear Will:

I usually answer to anything that closely resembles my name, so again, I shall do so now. The spelling is Paul V. DUSOSSOIT.

On the subject of call signs. I do not have any records nor do the two mentioned seem to ring a bell. I was in the 66th squadron of the 44th group and neither Cedar or Addle stimulates anything in my memory box. In lieutenant of that, I'll fill in with a little side story of my landing at Eindhoven on March 18, 1945. I do not remember the largest of that day but other things are quite clear.

Normal loading of bombs calls for heavy weighting in the front bomb bay to provide best balance. On that day, my bombardier, Vranas, failed to notice an improper loading which placed two bombs in the front bay and four in the rear. Within a few seconds after takeoff, I was cranking abnormally on the elevator trim tabs in an effort to compensate for tail-heavy altitude. All visual external inspection gone and no clue at all as to the problem. We needed higher than normal power settings to maintain prescribed rate of climb and cylinder head temperatures were all running on the high side. We opted to continue in hopes of discovering a reason and possible solution.

It was not until we finally got into formation and had had the benefit of close inspection from wingmen that we zeroed in on the bomb-loading problem. Since there was nothing wrong with the plane itself, we continued on. Controls were mushy at altitude and gas consumption was high. After dropping the trim tab trick was reversed and we continued on. Now came the calculations on fuel consumption for the return flight. About halfway home, we asked for and received permission to log back from the formation and started a very gradual, lower speed descent. Final calculations indicated that any flight distance further than the English Coast was less than a 50-50 chance so, via radio compass, we let down at Eindhoven, picked up some gas and continued on our way home.

If it is of any sue to you, a quick bio class 43-A Turner Field, Albany, GA 1/14/43, Tenth Bomb Squadron, 6th Air Force.

Trinidad April 43 - December 43
Panama December 43 - May 44 (sub patrol B-18s, B-25G)
B-24 transition
Albuquerque, NM July-August 44
Boise, Idaho September-December 44
66th Sq. - 44th GP February-May
17 missions

And best of all, neither I nor anyone whoever flew with me ever got a scratch.

Good luck on your book.

Paul V. Dusossoit
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