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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

Dear Will:

Read your article in the 2nd Ad. Newsletter and enjoyed it very much.

We were in the same boat. I was on a Deck 109 - Queen Mary. I was at the game in Philly that night. I was in the 66th. Seems as I remember some of the old sub patrol NCOs speak of you. Either Stuckey, Pugh, D. V. Smith, Hanson, Buren, Chandler, S. Smith, Chartier.

I started at Barksdale, worked up to crew chief and came home on K+. In fact my pilot and some of his crew are going to visit our dispersal point at Shipdham this month. Remember the first months on the line? Cold! Cold! Goat meat and hot beer.

Combat crews deserve all they are entitled to for sure, but I would like to see more articles like yours in the newsletter.

I don't believe there are many support personnel in the 2nd Ord. or our 44th because I cannot find anyone that I knew on the roster.

See if you can get some more articles in the newsletter. every small part of a big event should be recorded to make a complete history of those days.


Felix Dunagan
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