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April 6

Dear Will:

Your Roll of Honor arrived on Saturday and what a pleasure it is.

I searched for familiar names and found many and for the first time learned what had happened to Howington, Guy Johnson and many others.

I hope you feel good about completing this labor of love. I know that I am very grateful to you for it.

Best wishes,

Bill Duffy

World War II
Memories and Biography

(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

Box 125
Hockessin, DE 19707

January 14

Dear Will:

I received Your letter of December 18 and I think that I have the information that you need about Stockton R. Bartol. Sorry about the delay in responding but family problems have been many in recent weeks.

Bartol was killed while flying as copilot for John McCaslin. I've spoken to John about your letter and, as you might suppose, he has a vivid recollection of that tragic flight. Mac has practiced law in Ohio for many years and I know that he'll be glad to provide you with any information that he has. Address: John McCaslin, Esq., 125 East Sharon Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246.

I've never forgotten John's experience and Bartol's death, and a visit to American (airman's) Cemetery at Cambridge in 1965 have helped to keep the events alive in my mind. I went first to the office and spoke to the captain in charge. He asked if there was anyone in whom I was particularly interested. I said, "Yes. Let's begin with Stockton Bartol." He said, "You mean Stockton R. Baxter?" Without checking any record, he took me right to the grave and there are thousands buried there. I was impressed, of course, but he explained that Bartol's father came over every year to visit his son's grave.

I'd like very much to have a copy of the casualty memorial that you are preparing. And John McCaslin is also interested. Will you please let us know when and where a copy may be bought? Thanks.

John would also like to know where he can go for service material on groups, crews, etc. He lost a brother flying out of Italy (15 AF). Any suggestions from you will be welcome.

I very much admire your continuing attention and devotion to the men of the 44th Bomb Group.

Bill Duffy
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