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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

[Swiss Prison Camp]

Box 835
Osterville, Mass 02685

December 4, 1986

I was happy to hear that you received my letter and also Al Browning. It is too bad that we cannot locate the other crewmembers.

In your letter, you note that you have been corresponding with a Swiss individual in regards to the poor treatment some of the "interns" received.

I recently attended a meeting of the Swiss Internees Association in Washington, D.C. I guess we did have some interns who deserved some harsh treatmetn for being drunk and disorderly.

At the nmeeting, there was only one other individual who had ever heard of Wamibermoos and Hunenberg. It turned out after comparing notes that he was in the same hut with me.

His name was Lt. Don Sellars. I have also been in touch with a John Craven (100th BG) who had been in Wamibermoos and Hunenberg. Admittedly, there were few Americans in there detentions camps, but enough of us to prove they existed.

On my own personal records, the only thing that I have to prove that I was in Switzerland is that I was operated on in Switzerland.

I am not seeking a ... or publicity, but if there is any way you know of that I could get confirmation either from the Swiss Government or our own, I would appreciate it.



John Craven, 18 Putnam Road, Foxboro, Mass 02035
Don Sellar, 15 Flanders Road, Westboro, Mass 01581

December 14, 1986

Dear Will:

Many thanks for your two letters. They were both informative.

I am Xeroxing the letter from David Cullin and sending copies to three other people who were in Wamibermoos at about the same time.

These individuals were in the 95th and 100th Bomb Groups and have been trying to locate people who were in Wamibermoos and Hunenberg.

There were very few people in Hunenberg, but if you ever hear, see or get any information on this camp, I sure would appreciate it.

Many thanks,


Have a happy and healthy holiday season

World War II
Memories and Biography

(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

January 9, 1987

Dear Will:

Thanks again for the letter from Daniel Culler. It really helps prove there was such a place as Wawweil Moos along with Hunenberg.

I am enclosing two repro's of snapshots of Wawweil Moos from Lt. Don Sellars - Don was in the camp the same time that I was.

In your last letter you mentioned that if I needed help getting information on Switzerland, you would write to them.

I have been unsuccessful in two attempts and I assume that in order to get the information I need, I would have to go through either Military or V.A. channels.

I was at Huirenberg in a hospital, not more than a few miles from there, and was operated on.


Jack Dowd
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