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(Taken from a letter to General Leon W. Johnson and then on to Will Lundy)

General Leon W. Johnson
C/o Belvoir Woods Health Care Center
3rd Floor - #9160 Belvoir Woods Parkway
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

27 April 1995

Dear General Johnson:

I am involved with Will Lundy, historian of the 44th BG in the 44th Tower Restoration and perpetuation as a memorial to those who served at Shipdham and other 14th Wing bases during World War II. The "Target Victory," 51-year old original 1944 printing enclosed, is intended for preservation at the restored 44th tower, or the memorial wing of the Norwich Library or the 8th A.F. Memorial in Savannah whichever is considered most secure for perpetuation. Each and RAF Wyton will get copies. RAF Wyton Headquarters where I received my Pathfinder training before joining the 44th is being converted to a Pathfinder Force Memorial.

The above custodial alternatives will be discussed with the parties at the forthcoming 50th V.E. Day anniversary in Norwich. Copies of the autographed Target Victory will be furnished to each above and RAF Wyton Pathfinder HQ now being established as a Pathfinder Force Memorial.

Dovey trained at RAF Wyton before assignment to the 44th - 66th Lead crew BS. He was soon transferred to the 392nd BG - 579th Lead Crew Squadron starting H2X operation there, then about 14 missions following Bremen to 14th CBW HQ replacing R. Hager.

Our collaborating English friends have indicated that autographs by participants would be a treasured historical enhancement, thus this request for your most important "COMMAND PILOT" autograph on the enclosed 51-year-old printing of "Target Victory. The Cassell Crew members 29 July 1944 were H. S. Cassell, pilot; J. A. Colvin, OP; H. Niman, pilotage nav; K. S. Beven, DR Nav.; A. J. Dovey, PFF Nav.; W. F. Cetin, Bomb.; W. M. Hauser, Eng.; N. W. Geary, Radio; C. T. Debrowski and A. L. Rothrock, Waist Gunners; W. Dutent, Tail Gunner. The enclosures from 66 BG microfilmed records verify your command and the 392nd BG crew assignment on 29 July 1944. I recall being told that on that day we lead the 2nd Air Division which lead a column of about 1,200 planes.

Please autograph and return the 51-year-old "Target Victory" document. When all signatures are added, the signed original will be turned over to the permanent custodial organization and a copy sent to you.

Sincerely, Arnold J. Dovey

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