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July 19, 1943

(Taken from a letter to Robert Ryan to pub near Shipdham AF)
POW Letter


Hello, Bob:

I am well and still kicking. Spent my birthday here last week. A hell of a place to spend it with no grog or scotch to celebrate with. I hope to make up for it on my next one. Woo and Norwood came in to join our little group. They must have had quite a time at the other place. They look rather pale around the gills. Food and smoking is a great drawback here. I sure would appreciate it very much if you would inquire at the Red Cross about what you could send to the gang. I think some of the boys would be more than willing to help you out. Bob, will you see MacDonald about getting an address of my gal in Shreveport. Say hello for me to Ethel. Tell her to save me a couple of bottles of good stuff. How is the horse? Give my regards to all. A friend. Denny


Hello Bob:

Received your most welcomed letter. It sure is good to hear from you. I am getting rather used to this prison life, but I don't like it a damn bit. It will be a great day when I get out of here and back into circulation.

We intend to move to another camp soon. They have made this camp a transient for the boys coming up from Italy who should stop here. Nobody but DeVinney had quite a talk with him. (A portion was blocked out here by the Germans)

... was on the crew. He is O. R. expect to see him soon. Sure was glad to hear about Pappy and Cameron. Treat the boys good and give him my regards. I am still keeping that date with you. What a time that will be. I would give anything for a good slug right now. Bob, will you get the address of Sally DeVuyst. Thanks a lot for the other one. Hope to see you soon. The best to all. Denny.


July 18, 1943

Hello, Bob:

Just to say hello to all the gang. We think of you all very often. Johnnie Gie and I send best regards to Pappy and Jaxon. Tell Dave to drop me a line when you see him. Your friend, Arigis (?)


Hello, Bob:

Chubby, Hill, Gloubitz and myself are the only ones that got out. Gloubitz was hit pretty bad still in hospital in pretty bad shape. Chubby and I are in a prison camp. (blocked out by Germans), Germany. Devars, Arnold, Wyer and Klug are also here. Roach went down before we did. All dead but Klinger. Brown went down about the same time as we did. All okay, but Klinger, Milhauser and some new boy, the rest of the E.M. are in another camp.

We were hit after we left the target. We took bursts in back and shot out oxygen, then a burst in back of navigator. The whole inside of flight deck mass of flames. Must have hit accumulators. Went in a flat spin. Had a hell of a time standing on my feet and putting on parachute. Try to put out fire, but impossible. Could not get doors open, so walked back to area window to get out. Bailed out at 800 feet. Last one to leave. Saw ship crash and burn.

Bob, things are not too good here for smoking. I wish you would send me cigarettes through Red Cross for the old gang. Take care of my belongings. Say hello and keep 'em flying.

So long. Write. Denny.
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