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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

Dear Will:

I wanted the first page to be just for you and Irene. But I will pass onto you the following anecdote.

As you already know, Will, when we got to England at our base, we still took more classes before flying missions. "Red" Morrissey and I took classes together. Red was our crew chief. He died in 1999. I found it in your Logbook.

At classes one day, which were in a block building, someone was warming up the airplane close by. He was a T/Sgt. But the plane jumped the chocks or something happened and it ran into our building. It made a heck of a racket and when we all went to the door, the plane's propeller was sticking in the building. Someone ran out. I don't remember what officer or rank he was, but he said, "Who was that private warming my plane?" Another person said, "He wasn't a private. He was a T/Sgt." And the officer said, "He is a private. Now!"

Enough about my problems. I send best wishes to Irene and you. Hope this finds you in good health.


Leroy Day
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