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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

2745 Winstead Dr.
Titusville, FL 32796

Dear Will:

Received your letter of October 2 relative to addresses of former crew members. I have filled in the names of our crew members with the exception of Silverthone and Ashton. For the life of me, I can remember their faces, but I can't remember their first names or where they came from.

The attached list of Christopher Spagnola Crew all took combat crew training together at Casper, Wyoming and flew overseas together. All with the exception of John Gately flew 34 missions with Spagnola. Frank Chowanski was crew chief of K bar and if my memory serves me right, he was from Chicago at that time. Before K bar we flew T bar ("Limping Old Sadie"). I have a couple of pictures taken with Frank and K bar. I don't have the negatives, but will attempt to have copies made from the originals and will send them to you so they can be forwarded to Frank.

I received a phone call from a former 66th Squadron crewman (Al Urania). I haven't heard from him in 40 years, but during our service time we were close friends. He went to the 8th A.F. Convention in New Jersey and looked my name up in the 44th computer. Just hearing from him alone was well worth the dues money.

Originally, I was from New York, but for the last seven years have lived in Titusville which is a small city outside of the John F. Kennedy Space Center. If I can ever be of any help tracing former crew members in Florida, please feel free to call upon me.

For your information, Rudy Tressel, an original 66th Squadron combat man is in Tampa, Florida VA Hospital. Poor Rudy suffered a stroke. After the war, he joined the CIA and led an exciting life, but always refers back to his flying day with the 44th BG with pride.

Yours truly,


August 21, 1985

Dear Pete:

I have not had any success in tracing my pilot and fellow crew members. I did, however, find a former 2nd Division member, in fact a 44th Bomb Group 67 Bomb Squadron flight crew member. His name is Rudy W. Tressel, 165 Petty Circle, Titusville, FL 32796. His pilot was Major Alvin Key. Rudy has requested that you send him an application for membership in the Second Air Division Association.

Yours truly,

Tom Currie

P.S. My pilot was C. Spagnola, 44th Bomb Group 67 Squadron
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