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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

[Author and researcher has story of 44th BG crewmembers evading]

3 August 1988

I have visited Belgium twice. The first time was 7 October 1944 returning from a mission at Kassel where we were badly damaged on the bomb run. With two engines out and no hydraulics or brakes, the pilot made a good landing at the Brussels airfield, ending up in a bomb crater at the end of the runway. The second time was in June 1983 when my wife and I visited the towns of Veurne and Bruges and spent a couple of days in and around Brussels. From there we went to Antwerp and on to the Netherlands. It was a very enjoyable visit.

I hope the above is of some help and that you find the information you want.

Very truly yours,

John B. Conrad


Will, Sorry I couldn't be of more help. You asked about my connection with the 44th. A pathfinder navigator (H2X), I was in the 482nd Pathfinder Group. The 387th, 44th, and 392nd Bomb Groups. The 44th was my third station. I was in the 66th Bomb Squadron June-August, 1944, where I flew with 392nd lead crew. From August 1944 to June 1945, I was in the 392nd except for parts of January and February 1945 when I was in the 68th Bomb Squadron. I flew three missions from the 44th and 25 missions from the 392nd. If you need more, please advise.
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