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World War II Memories

Taken from a letter to Will Lundy

Dear Mr. Lundy:

My crew flew most of our missions on O (call sign O-bar Opel ) which I believe was also Fearless Fosdick.

I had lost touch with my crew and just before the reunion, I came in contact with them, first time in 39 years. It was my radio operator that found me through the V.A. and he located the last two crewmembers since the reunion. Two of our crew died, one by a heart attack and the other one was from cancer.

We were a replacement crew that flew a new radar-equipped B-24 from Langley field, VA to England. Our navigator and bombardier had been radar trained and when we arrived in England, they were pulled off our crew and sent for more training. They were never returned. The rest of us joined the 67th Squadron in July 1944. The Squadron gave us Lt. Leroy Parker, who had already completed half of his missions and he finished his tour with us. Lt. Emil Strug was transferred in from another group and finished his tour with our crew.

Because we were short a bombardier, we persuaded the Squadron CO to let our nose turret gunner be the toggler to push the toggler switch and drop our bombs on the smoke bombs of the lead ship. So we flew as a nine-man crew.

My copilot, George Folland, hurt his foot and missed 3-5 missions with us. When we finished, he flew as a first pilot for another crew to finish his tour.

The Protestant Chaplin got permission to fly with us on our 35th mission. It was on 12 March 1945 to Wetzlar, Germany.

I have all the current addresses except Leroy Parker. I believe I recall the name Roger Markle, but I can't place a face.

Sincerely, Newton E. Condray
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