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(Taken from a letter to Pete Henry)

November 11, 1988

Dear Pete (Henry):

Thank you for your letter of 12 October. Our crew was assigned to the 44th-66 Squadron in July, 1944. We came over with the 492nd in March, 1944. Flew 15 missions with them. (Capt. Bill Earlywine was our pilot). We flew four missions out of the 93rd BG as a GH crew. We flew the last ten with the 44th.

I'll explain how I learned about the 44th and 2nd Air Division Associations. In August, this year, I went back to Peoria, IL (my hometown) to attend my 50th high school reunion. A classmate and good friend, Bob Lehnhausen, (commander of 68th Sq.) gave me Will Lundy's address and also Ms. Evelyn Cohen's address and I contacted both.

I joined the 2nd A.D. Association at that time. Thanks for the application anyway. I have since been contacted by Bill Clarey, 492nd Rep and also Rep for the 8th Air Force H.S. I also have sent my dues to them, so I guess I'm all set and am thrilled about it.

Will Lundy has provided me with some information on some people I had asked him about.

I have very little current information about my crewmembers. Pilot, Bill Earlywine, was killed in a small civilian airplane crash in Wisconsin in 1946. I have had no contact with any of the others. How about running these names through your computer list. Lt. John Steib, Lt. Walter Tomasyak, William May.

Thanks again, Pete. I intend to be at the 50th B24 back in Ft. Worth, TX in May 1989. Hope to meet and talk with you.


Jerry Clinch
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