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Alfred "Al" Cataldo
World War II
Memories and Biography

(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

April 16, 1989

Dear Will:

Received my April issue of the 44th Logbook and as always, enjoyed reading all the stories and letters. I think the reason we all enjoy the Logbook is that we were all one big family while in shipdham and didn't realize it until now. Also, most of us (WWII) vets are now retired which gives us more time to reminisce about our experiences, close friends, and times we had while in England.

Peg (my wife, and oh, yes - a Shipdham girl), were surprised that "Pete" - the Rooster - (our mascot in the 464th sub depot) and I had our picture on page 10 of the April Logbook. My feelings were hurt (a wee bit) to think "Pete" was remembered and not the squadron draftsman/aircraft mechanic. That picture was taken in 1944 (I was much thinner then) and I was teasing Pete with my canteen cup. I remember how Pete got high on a half-pint of 3.2 or was it mild and bitter? - but can anyone tel me "who slipped that poor old rooster and energy pill (from an escape kit) on D-Day." That bird got up on the bike rack and crowed for about 24 hours. He stayed awake with the rest of us. I could rample on with many other storeis - like the rest of us have, but will sign off as I want to drop a line to George and Kathleen Rockel.

Sure would like to hear from some of the AC crews I worekd with while in the 464th. Oh, yes, I am submitting a donation to our treasurer to help meet our 1989 goal for continuing the Logbook publicaiton and annual scholarship award.


Al (Alfred) Cataldo
51 Pine Haven Cir.
Rockland, Mass 02370

P.S. Would you believe that I got re-associated with an old playmate of mine through the 44th Logbook - Art Cullen - past group V.P., Second Air Div. Assoc. He was also stationed in Shipdham.

World War II
Memories and Biography

(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

19 Michael Road
Beverly, MA 01915

August 20, 1990

Dear Will:

I certainly was surprised when I received your letter looking for members of the 44th Bomb Group.

I would like to share with you what information I have from my records and photos. I started out with the 15th Air Force in Italy attached to the 47th Wing, 449th Bomb Group - 716th squadron, and flew with Captain Craig's crew. We flew five missions before being transferred to the 8th Air Force.

From the 15th Air Force we flew:

March 1944

24th to Steyr, Austria 5 hrs. 40 min. Airplane parts plant
28th to Metz, Italy 6 hrs. 50 min. Marshaling yards
29th to Bolzano, Italy 7 hrs. 45 min. Marshaling yards

April 1944

2nd to Steyr, Austria 8 hrs. 30 min. Airplane parts plant
5th to Ploesti, Romania 7 hrs. 10 min. Air fields

Our purpose to be transferred to the 8th Air Force was to fly a B-24 equipped with a pathfinder, as was known back then. The ball turret was removed and radar equipment was placed in the ball turret and we flew missions that may have had cloud cover over the target. Although we had this equipment, most of our targets were free of clouds.

I became a member of the 44th Bomb Group, 67th Squadron AAF Station 115 in April 1944, then in July transferred to the 66th Squadron.

My records show the following missions, but I don't know if the spelling of the towns and cities are correct.

[page missing]

Enclosed are also some photos of the crew and names of their last known addresses:

Claude F. Francken (radioman)
224 E. Maplehurst Street
Ferndale, Michigan [have new one - Wisconsin]

Elon C. Nash (engin. gunner)
Ethelo, Mississippi, Rte. 2
Or 695 Cherry Street
Jackson, Mississippi

William T. Green, Jr. (ball gunner)
115 Randolph Street
San Angelo, Texas

Haynes E. Elliott (tail gunner)
201 "C" Street
Elizabethton, Tennessee

Captain Craig (pilot)
? Texas

Lt. Majewski (copilot)
? New Jersey

Lt. Peter P. Karapin (navigator)
? Pennsylvania

Lt. John C. Davies (bombardier)
? New Jersey

I would like to know more about my crewmembers and the history of the 44th Bomb Group. If you have any information, it would be greatly appreciated.

The photocopies were taken D-Day, June 6, 1944. We took along an aerial photographer (named Ursell Harvell) that day and General Johnson to observe what was going on.

I would like to chat with you about the past history of the 44th.


Anthony T. Cataldo
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