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World War II
Memories and Biography

(Taken from a letter to William R. Cameron)

May 9, 1988

Dear Bill:

I am indeed surprised to receive a letter from you, but it was a pleasant surprise.

The second paragraph of your letter listed some names you said were fuzzy in your recollection. One name you listed was "Charlie" Selasky. Selasky's correct first name is "James." As you will probably remember, both James Selasky and Berthal Swenson were members of my crew. Selasky was a navigator and Swenson was a bombardier. Upon being shot down over Viener Neustadt, Austria on October 1, 1943, I lost five (5) crewmembers. One officer (Berthal Swenson), his parachute failed to open, and four (4) enlisted men killed by enemy gunfire. Selasky, Pratt (copilot), and myself were held as POWs for nineteen (19) months.

Thank you for the photograph of me in the Jeep. The fellow in the back seat, I believe, is Lt. Dabney. I am unable to name the person sitting in the front seat next to me.

Having lost seven (7) crewmembers, (two enlisted men when I ditched in the Mediterranean on August 1, 1943) and five on October 1, 1943, has left me with a severe "Survivor's Guilt" emotional problem. It is difficult for me to discuss the experiences. For this reason, I have been very fearful of attending nay of the reunions. It is so painful for me to recall those missions that I have shied away from any contact with other 67th Squadron members.

I am unable to help you identify any other of the people in the pictures you sent. I feel badly that I cannot be of any help in this matter. The old memory just is not there.

Retirement in 1982 and moving in 1985 to Western North Carolina, has brought much happiness for June and me. My photographic dark room, wood working shop, and computer occupy a lot of my time.

Thank you again for writing. It was a real pleasure to hear from you.

Most sincerely,


Reginald L. Carpenter
48 Beaumont Drive, Beaumont Estates
Hendersonville, North Carolina 28729

World War II
Memories and Biography

(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

August 25, 1994

Dear Will:

Received your letter today. I am returning the information form along with my check for $100.00 to become a Life Member in the 44th Veterans Association. You are probably wondering why I did not check the box to indicate that I would be attending the reunion in Colorado Springs.

I have been having some heart problems lately. After being hospitalized for ten days and undergoing a heart catheterization, I learned that my heart has three clogged arteries. I am scheduled for triple by-pass open-heart surgery on September 7, 1994. The recovery period is quite lengthy, so that is why I have canceled all plans to attend the reunion. I have contacted Joe Warth and he has assured me that all my money will be returned.

I have received my leather "Eightball" patch from Paul J. Wilson and it is beautiful. I thank you very much for contacting him about my request. He surely is a very fine artist and gentleman to have taken his time to make that patch for me.

Hope you and your nice wife are enjoying good health.


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