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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

7953 Lewis Lane
Fayetteville, NY 13066

Dear Will:

The Folded Wings column of the spring 2002 issue of the Journal, listed a very good friend of mine, T/Sgt. David Appenzeller. The reason he is not listed in Kiefer's 506th squadron history is that he worked out of group headquarters in the public relations office. Lt. John Ryan, a pilot in the 506 squadron had additional duties as group public relations officer. He and Appenzellar worked together.

Ryan, Appenzellar, and Captain Ursel P. Harvell, the group photographic officer, designed and put together the booklet, "The Destruction of Germany as Seen in the Trolley Missions, May 1945." I believe that Appenzellar helped Harvell with his book "Forty-Fourth Liberators over Europe."

I flew my first combat mission as copilot for John Ryan's crew. In the ... on my crew when we flew home from England by way of Iceland and Greenland to Bradley Field, CT. Appenzellar was one of our ten passengers.

As part of his public relations job, Appenzellar created a radio script, featuring the Trolley mission. It was to be broadcast in the states on Saturday, the day we were scheduled to fly out of Greenland to Bradley Field. There were many planes laid over at Bluey West No. 1 that Friday night. Appenzellar took it upon himself to go to the base commanding officer and tell the story of his radio show. He conned the P.R. officer into talking the base operations officer into scheduling us to be the first to take off the next day, so that Appenzellar could hear his radio masterpiece in the states.

The same column of Folded Wings listed William J. Mulholland. Bill was a big, easy-going, friendly, very competent airman. He flew eight or ten missions with our crew and was on our crew for the flight back to the states. I was sorry to hear of his passing.

A piece of coincidental trivia - before the war, John Ryan worked in Syracuse, New York, my home town, and lived less than two blocks away from our family home. Needless to say, I didn't know him at that time.


Emmett Burns, Former captain 506 Bomb Squadron
May 20, 2002

Dear Will:

The spring 2002 issue of the Journal in the Folded Wings column, listed David Appenzellar. David and I became very good friends after the war. When he died in January of 1964, I Lost track of his family.

I'd be ... who supplied the information in "Folded Wings" that you might possibly follow up and get in touch with is brother and sister who were friends, also.

David was married and his wife's name was Sylvia and he had a daughter, Christine.

I would appreciate any information you may have on David and his family.

Thank you very much.


Emmett J. Burns, Jr., Former captain 506th Bomb Group
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