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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

721 Sequoia Trail
Maitland, Florida 32751

16 January 1985

Dear Will:

I received the book (history) in today's mail. That was certainly a quick response after my phone call to Dick Butler.

It was a great lift for me to have Bill Newbold get in touch and then to come visit with us after New Years.

Another surprise was a few days prior to Newbold's arrival. The door chimes called my wife to the door one afternoon and it was Middlebrooks, who, as you may know, was my waist gunner and alter flew with Butler after I left the group and moved over to the 14th Bomb Wing as Wing A-3 (director operations) although I continued to fly with the 44th. The old B-24s always brought me home, due in large measure to the whole crew. One of the best.

Newbold brought a copy of The Great Air-Ground Battle of August 1, 1943 - Ploesti. Loaned it to me and, while reading the book, my mind retraced the entire operation from the time we left England to the time when we returned. A very interesting book, although some omissions and a slight flair for drama, it was, on the whole, quite accurate.

Kindest regards to you and Mrs. Lundy.


Walt Bunker
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