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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

7280 McShane Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80908

Dear Will:

In your letter to me of 8 July 1982, you indicated you could not locate my name in the records at your disposal. I joined the squadron and group 5 September 1943 while most of it was in Africa. I finished my combat tour in February 1944 as a captain. Bill Cameron, my squadron commander, told me at that time I was the first to start with the 67th and finish with it. My last mission was to Gotha.

In any event, I'm sure I'll enjoy your book whether or not I'm personally mentioned. Incidentally, I'm to attend a dedication of a memorial to the 44th by the town of Shipdham during the first week of September 1983. Joe Warth is putting it together. I'm looking forward to meeting some of my old buddies.

Maybe I'll drop by Bridgeport, California one day and "shoot the bull" with you.


Del Brown

NOTE: February 26, 1944 "Del Brown and Fredrick Promoted to captain."


22 August 1983

Dear Will:

You were correct. I made captain in February 1944. I think it was effective on the 20th. I don't remember a Frederick, though. Incidentally, I have a book titled, "History of Liberators over Europe," 44th Bomb Group "Flying Eight Balls," compiled and written by Ursel P. Harvell. It was published by Newsphoto Company, San Angelo, Texas (no date). It pictures many of the combat crews, the "wheels," combat pictures, etc. I understand Harvell was the photographic officer for the group.

I'm off to Shipdham with Joe Warth and party a week from yesterday - really looking forward to it.
Sincerely, Del A. Brown
1 March 1984

Dear Will:

Thank you for your informative letter of 19 February. It was good hearing from you again.

The reunion last fall at Shipdham was great, although I didn't know a damn soul. It was good, however, to meet and party with them. General Gibson and wife were there. He took over the group after I had finished my tour. The seemed like real nice people as were all the rest (60 to 70 of them, including wives).

The locals in Shipdham and Wynondham went all out to give us a good time and they succeeded. I spent a week in the Norwich/Shipdham area and ten days in London. I finally got to see both cities by daylight.

It was good haring of Bill Cameron and his copilot Lt. Dabney. The latter taught me to fly close formation one standdown day, which I'd never learned before getting to England. It probably saved our lives. I hope Bill will make it to the reunion. I haven't seen him since the early 1960s, when I ran on to him at McCallam Air Force Base. Hadn't changed a bit.

Of the crewmembers you listed, six of us finished together. Sgts. Dipenbrock and Desotille chickened out after a few missions. Sgt. Gazinksvics was killed during the mission to Kjller, Norway. Sgt. Fallon was too old (about 35) along with the Irish Whiskey I think or and .

Thanks again. Please keep in touch. Hope to see you in Dayton.

Del Brown.
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