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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

136 Rinaldo Road
Weymouth, Mass 02191

Dear Will:

First, let me congratulate you and the rest of the staff of the Logbook for the great job you are doing. It's a pleasure to receive it and remember those days. Keep up the good work!

The enclosed photo (a copy) was taken, I Believe, in Boise in the late fall of 1944. We were undergoing crew training prior to overseas assignment.

We left Boston on the JLE de France around Christmas time and arrived in England five days alter. Quick trip - no escorts.

From the "Repple Depple" we were sent to Shipdham and assigned to the 506th, arriving there after New Years (I think). Dates after all this time are rather hazy. Should have kept a diary, but didn't. Even lost the record I kept of our mission targets. I believe we completed 24 prior to the end of hostilities and came back via the Azores and Gander to Mitchell in June of 1945.

At that time, we broke up (everyone headed home on leave) and since then (until I received the summer 1991 edition of the Logbook) I haven't laid eyes on another member of the crew. On page 31 of that issue there is an article about a party held on May 25 by a group of former 44th members.

I'm sure that the Leo Bielinski in the story is none other than the pilot of our crew who we always called "Gus." Maybe he still uses that as a nickname.

After all these years, perhaps you could, through your extensive records, etc. provide me with any information concerning the crew.

I realize that there are a lot more interesting photos being received by you, but maybe you could use it in the Logbook.

Last, but not least, please use the enclosed check to defray any expenses involved in the research required. Anything left can be used to pay for my subscription or your choice of Logbook needs.


Henry (Hank) E. Brennan
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