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(Taken from a letter to Pete)

January 14, 1982

Dear Pete:

For about 35 years now, I have exchanged Christmas cards with some former Prisoners of War. I had never heard of the Second Air Division Association until this year when Walter "Bud" Lawrence (Kansas) sent me a Photostat of your newsletter. In it you mentioned that you had received a letter from Mrs. Charles W. Albert, wanting to know the whereabouts of Ed Donnelley, Buford Walker, James Warvel, and me. I immediately called Ed Donnelley and told him that I was going to write you and give you our addresses and phone numbers so that you might let Mrs. Albert know.

I have not heard from Warvel or Walker in 32 years, however, I will make every effort to locate them.

Donnelley and I would both like to become members of the Second Air Division Association. Thank you very much for your interest and your association.


Carl C. Bolick

James Warvel, 3111 Copeland Blvd., Toledo, Ohio 13614, 419-382-1062
Carl C. Bolick, 3229 Barry Drive, Charlotte, NC 28214, 704-399-8237
Edmond H. Donnelley, 37 Phelps Rd., Marlborough, Conn. 06447, 203-295-9765
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