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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

3295 North H Street
San Bernardino, CA 92405

27 April 1984

Dear Will:

Thank you for responding to my letter. I appreciate your taking time to look up information on my crew. You mentioned you have an address for my navigator William J. Trageser. My last contact with him was in Erie, PA, but I don't have his address and would appreciate your sending it to me.

A few days ago I wrote to Bob Lehnhausen. I had not seen him since 1950 when I was recalled for the Korean conflict. He lives in Peoria, IL which is only three hours from here! And we haven't been together for over 30 years.

About five years ago I was in Los Angeles to a convention and got together with Richard (Rick) Haft who is a stockbroker there. He was a navigator in the 68th and a member of Van Dyke's crew.

You mentioned in your letter that Hal Tyree reported to the 44th at the same time we did. Did you know that he went on to become a general in the Illinois National Air Guard? I believe he recently retired. We also went through RTU crew training together at Davis-Monthan Base in Tucson.

I get the 2nd Division newspaper as well as the 68th and I enjoy seeing the names and reading the articles sent in by them. I have communicated with Webb Todd in Colorado Springs. In fact, I tried to see him once when I was there, but he had gone fishing or somewhere. Maybe next time.

I am sorry I can't send you any information concerning your book concerning lost crews. I flew 29 missions in the year I was over there. We were a lead crew and didn't fly as often as some. Many came, flew 35 missions, and went home in four months. I was still there when the war ended. In fact I was in London on VE Day.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you can think of anything I have that would be useful to you. I have a few pictures and memos if they could be of any use to you.

Best regards and good luck. R. M. Boggs
(Copy of a letter Roy sent to Roger Freeman)

16 April 1984

Mr. Roger Freeman
Man's Barn, Dedham
Essex CO7 6EW

Dear Sir:

I received a note from Will Lundy asking for information concerning the 44th Bomb Group. I was a pilot in the 68th Squadron. Our call signal was "Smokey Blue." The tower was "Pathway." I think the 67th was "Buttermilk." I am not positive of that, but I am sure that one squadron in the group was Buttermilk. Mr. Lundy said Cedar and Addle was also used. I do not remember which squadrons used those two calls.

I am writing to my copilot who lives in New Jersey to see if he knows. If I get any more information on this, I will forward it to you.

I hope sometime in the ear future I will get to visit the old air base in Shipdham. I understand the field is still being used as an airport.

Best wishes to you and good luck on the new book.

Very truly yours,
R. M. Boggs
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