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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

14 November 1980

Dear Will:

It was good to hear your voice and to get your letter and the list of names.

Glad to hear that you are in good health and leave the drive to look up and write the old members of the 67th.

Will bring you up to date on myself.

Returned home to a lovely wife and daughter. Became interested in plumbing and pipefitting. I served my apprenticeship and became a licensed Union plumber and recording secretary, then after 12 years became financial secretary treasurer of the Local. But now, I am just a rank and file member and enjoying it.

We had a son a year or so after returning. Then, much later, another son and a daughter. They have all left home and we are enjoying each other's companionship and doing many things that we couldn't before.

Worked for a few years on the construction of Northeast Nuclear Plant. Then on special maintenance repairs. Am now working just the other side of Waterbury in Watertown constructing a police station.

D. A. Evans is the only member of the 67th that I have written to and really kept in touch with. Visited Charley Arthur but he seemed his old cold self so didn't keep in touch. By the way, Don's address is: Donald A. Evans, 3705 Jennings Drive, Holiday, Florida 33590, 813-937-5440.

I called Frank Chowanski last Sunday. He was our best man at our wedding in Oklahoma City just before we went overseas.

The last week of June and first week of July, 1980, we went to Chicago to a Bell Convention. We tried to find Frank and couldn't. Oh, my wife collects bells, bells, bells...we have been everywhere. I call her a ding-a-ling...and she is a member of the American Bells Association of America. Talked me into joining (I do not collect or gather).

After talking to Frank and his wife (Grace), we found that we were only a few miles away from them.

As for myself, I collect steins. Have a few, but they are a nice few.

Received a newsletter from 2nd Air Division today. Have been looking at the picture of the 44th, but can't seem to recognize anyone. Saw your name and Mac in roll call, but didn't remember or know the rest.

Well, will get in touch with Berne's and Mac and will send them on to you.


Charles J. Benner


April 14, 1981

Dear Mr. Lundy:

I'm sorry to inform you that my husband, Charles J. Benner, passed away on March 27, 1981. He had a massive heart attack.

We were looking forward to the convention in the fall to be held in Texas.

He left for work and was sent to the hospital from work. Never came out of the coma (brain damage) was extensive as he had stopped breathing.


Eva Benner
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