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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

March 20,1980

Hi, Will:

Received your most welcome letter today and I sure enjoy hearing from you with all your news. It sure took someone like you to get the ball rolling. Sure was surprised to hear some of the names of the fellows that passed away.

Well, I retired the first of the year and seem to have something to do most of the time, but with the warmer weather on its way, there will be more to do.

The only trouble with retiring now is the inflation with the dollar only worth 42 cents and the price of gas like it is. I bought a new Mark last year with a 460 cu in it. Now I wish it has something smaller - 12 miles per gallon. Ha! Ha!

I don't think I will make it to the reunion this year. I hope it will be closer to Cleveland one of these years.

Thanks loads for the address of the fellows. I'll drop a couple of them a line. I talked to Mike Chayka and Marion Bagley once a year at Christmas time. Chayka hurt his back at work last year and he is now on disability. Bagley is retired (and his wife is also retired from the service). I stopped in West Virginia to see Massey a few years ago only to find he had moved and I didn't have the time then to see him.

I usually go to South Carolina for some of the winter, but I didn't make it this year with retiring, etc. Maybe next winter. I sure would like to make it out to California again. I lived in Van Nuys, California for one year 1939-40. What a country!

I went out there with Larry Reynolds. He was the engineer on my plane, which by the way I will have to send him some of these names and about the reunion.

A little about myself since I last saw you.

After the war, I went into building homes and working on Indy race cars on the side. Later on I took my dad's job as main superintendent of a girl's school and that's where I retired.

This, perhaps, isn't much news but at least I answered your swell letter.

Hope this letter finds you in the best of health and that I will hear from you again.
Thanks, Les Baur
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