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World War II
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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

April 1, 1992

Dear Will:

Thanks very much for your research in looking up my former crewmembers. You must be a very busy man if you go to this much effort for everyone.

I'll write Sam Barber and hopefully re-establish an old relationship.


Charles Barr

World War II
Memories and Biography

(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)
19 August 1991

1211 Capri Isle Blvd No. 62
Venice, FL 34292

Dear Will:

I was extremely pleased to receive your letter of 10 August 1991 bringing me up to date on the activities of the 44th BG and giving me information on my former crewmembers.

I would have liked to attend the 1991 reunion in Rapid City, but have already made plans to go to England on 10 September for two weeks.

I retired from my own accounting practice in 1988 and we are now spending six months in the winter in Venice, Florida where we have a small condo. The rest of the year we spend in Ossian, Indiana and traveling some. We have lived in Ossian since 1952. I was clerk-treasurer of the town for 22 years and saw lots of changes. We have five children and six grandchildren and we're in our 44th year of wedded bliss (most of the time).

My memory of my tour in England has become somewhat dim. I'm afraid I was too immature and scared to have been a very good navigator. I think I could do a much better job now, but, hopefully, I'll never have a chance to find out.

For several years I exchanged Christmas cards with copilot John Leonard. Last I heard, he was in New England, but I can't find an address. I would like very much to contact Fred Hildebrand, my pilot, again. The only other crewmembers I have had contact with are J. A. Gilliland, nose gunner. Last address 705 S. Clements St., Jamesville, TX. I visited him, but that was back in 1949. You didn't mention him in your letter. I know that Ronald (not Donald) Kerry died about 1956-57.

You mentioned F. Lagan. I have the name of Edward F. Lagan, 2911 N. Marshall, Philadelphia, PA. Also James Regas, 124 Columbia Ave., Vanderguft, PA, whom you did not mention. Both of these addresses are from my original records.

It's difficult to realize that it has been 46 years since I saw these people. Much has happened in that time, and fortunately, most of my experiences have been good. My check for $20.00 is enclosed for the book 44th Liberators over Europe, which you said you had.

Thanks so much for your letter. I will appreciate any further information you might come across.
Sincerely, Charles F. Barr
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