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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

December 1990

Dear Mr. Lundy:

I was happy to hear that the 44th was still alive. Thank you for the nice letter. Please put me on your list. Last October the All-American B-24 flew into Portland and Bill Eagleson invited me to join. That is how I found the 2nd ADA.

I enjoyed their two-day visit and learned a lot about the past.

Now for the hard part. I have only one current address. My navigator and wife visited recently so I know it is current. Will a picture help any? We flew with the 15th A.F. 376BG before the 8th A.F. 44BG 67th.

Pilot - Ed C. Yatkones, Scranton, PA
Navigator - Austin C. Ricketson, San Antonio, TX
Copilot - Edward W. (Shorty) Robarts, Halcyondale, GA.
John S. Holland Sr., Milford, DE
Kenneth L. Fairchild, Lottie LA
Marcos Perez, Pearsall, TX
John F. Zettel, Barton, WI
Robert L. Benedict, Hillsboro, NY
Lynwood E. Blackburn, Jacksonville, FL

I hope this will be some help to you. Thanks again and good luck. It has been a long time.


Clarence E. Baker


May 3, 1992

Dear Will:

I spent some of my younger day sin the 15th AF before going to the 8th A.F. and I can't remember anyone taking pictures, so I interested in one of your 13 books. Enclosed is a deposit for Liberators Over Europe, if at all possible. If not, I'm sure you can use it for a worthy cause such as the Shipdham Tower or whatever. Sincerely, Clarence E. Baker
44 BG


I am a short memorial member and was on Atkone's crew 50 years ago. I have been in touch with A. C. Ricketson (N) and Ed Robarts (CP) this year. We were in Italy.
376 BG 513 BS in 15th AF 43-44 Italy
44th BG 67 BS in 8th AF 44-45 England

Will Lundy tried also, a while ago.

If you think an updated list would help, please send me one. If not, keep the check and buy yourself a coffee. Enclosed is my check.

Thank you. Clarence E. Baker

March 6th

Dear Will:

Joe Kessler's last address was somewhere in Blue Island, Illinois. He and his wife, Kay, came to visit us in the Ft. Wayne, Indiana in, I think, 1960. After that we kept in touch, Christmas cards, etc., then for some reason things just faded away.

Donovan??? It seems to me our first copilot's name was Donovan, but for reasons unknown to me, was replaced by Altemas before we went overseas.

I kept in touch with Storovich until his death in Costa Mesa, California in late 1950s, or early 1960s.

I also correspond with Vic Lopez's father after the war. He was living on the Island of Aruba.

I visited Jim Mickey's mother in Cleveland, Ohio soon after I arrived form overseas. Jimmy and I had become very good friends.

I will not be going to Ft. Worth in May. We will be returning to Indiana from Florida in mid-April and it would be hectic to get ready for another trip so soon.

Your book is great.

Sincerely "Bake"
L. C. Baker
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