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(Taken from a letter sent to Will Lundy)

Bill Atkins, navigator of Myrtle the Fertile Turtle, answering your letter of the 5 March 1990.

You've got me on Richard Ward - no immediate recall on the name, likewise on Sgt. Illick. Mike Curtain was the crew chief for Myrtle and we have met on several reunions of the Flying "8" Balls. He is living up in Vancouver, Washington.

My experiences in Greenland include fling Myrtle home from Shipdham through Iceland, BW 1 Narrasauka, Greenland, Goose Bay, Labrador, and Bangor, Maine after fling the trolley car mission up the Rhine River. From 47-49 I was assigned the base navigator and special service officer at BW1. We did a great deal of supply flying, ice recon, Magnetic Pole searching up in the Ellesmere and Bafin Islands in Northern Canada. I have colored slides of those two years that I have put on VCR tape with music and narration. But I know that I wasn't on any secret missions in that area in 1942.

As far as Lt. Harvel is concerned, each year I relive with him the low level supply mission the 44th was assigned the day after our troops jumped the Rhine River - I. P. Wessel (3/24/45).

Our U.S. History teacher invites me to relive my day in U. S. History - I tell them how I became a navigator and then invite them to go on the mission with the Flying Eight Balls. Even have a model of the 67th squadron hanging from the ceiling and can still wear my "pinks" and "greens," for the day.

I was never assigned to the photo section, but I do have some pictures (black and white) of the bases in Greenland in the scrapbook I also shared with the students. If you ever drive west on 91, turn north on 5 and go north on Valley View. Give me a call at 921-5633 and we will share my slides and pictures.

Bill Atkins
14042 Lynmack, LaMar, CA

P.S. Your name seems to ring a bell - don't know whether from Shipdham o9r reunions.
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